SIGNON GRAPH is a data evaluation program for railway traffic simulation and network calculation data, including the electrical data on

  • locomotives,
  • substations,
  • contact lines,
  • voltages and leakage currents,
  • energy balances, and
  • load distributions

from the simulations generated by the SIGNON SINAnet (DC railway systems), SIGNON WEBAnet (AC railway systems) and SIGNON IMAfeb programs.


SIGNON GRAPH enables the user to depict, analyze and print graphical representations. For various quantities, the development of the values can be illustrated with reference to time and as a function of each other. Furthermore, it is possible to perform statistical analyses, i.e. to calculate statistical parameters for all the resulting quantities.

SIGNON GRAPH Benutzeroberfläche
SIGNON GRAPH user interface (click to enlarge)

Diagramm Einstellungs Dialog
Chart settings dialog (click to enlarge)

Kanalberechnungs Dialog
Channel calculation dialog (click to enlarge)