Today, the effective design of contact line systems is only possible with the relevant tools. SIGNON has developed its own CAD-based overhead contact line design software, SIGNON OLAcad, which facilitates engineering for all types of overhead contact lines. By means of its module and database structure, this software can be used for local or long-distance traffic. The relevant construction methods and guidelines specific to the railway system and/or the manufacturer are complied with in full and form the basis of the design.

The SIGNON OLAcad design tool permits – dependent on as-built, track and situational drawings – the planning of the actual overhead


contact line. This overhead contact line consists of the contact wires in the flexible head span structures and cantilevers, the masts, the tensioning devices and anchoring points, the insulators and the section insulators, the booster and return wires, the foundations, and the switching devices. Apart from systems on open lines and in tunnels, complicated station systems, depots and workshops, and, in the case of trams, complex crossings, can easily be planned. Special modules allow the design of portals and overhead contact rails. An optional function allows the planning of various construction phases, ranging from initial conditions up through to the final stage of construction.

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SIGNON OLAcad Menüs und Werkzeuge
SIGNON OLAcad menus und tools (click to enlarge)

3D Ansicht eines Fernverkehrprojektes
3D view of a heavy rail project (click to enlarge)

Bespannungsplan einer Straßenbahnkreuzung
covering of a tram crossing (click to enlarge)

Bildschirmansicht Maststatik
screen mast static (click to enlarge)